William Burns
Occupation: CEO

Age: 45

Location: New York, USA.

Education: University of Cambridge

Adam Preston
Occupation: Lead broker

Age: 32

Location: London, United Kingdom

Education: The London School of Economics and Political Science, LSE

Tools using:

Trading Solutions

Dynamic trader

Daniel Ortega
Occupation: Lead broker

Age: 30

Location: San Francisco, California

Education: Menlo College

Tools using:

MetaTrader 4

Omni Trader

Ned Barett
Occupation: Lead broker

Age: 31

Location: Boston, USA

Education: Northeastern University

Tools using:

Trading Solutions

MetaTrader 4

Yuri Korolev
Occupation: Lead broker

Age: 37

Location: Moscow, Russian Federation.

Education: Московский государственный университет имени М.В.Ломоносова

Tools using:

MetaTrader 4

Trading Solutions

Gustav Hamilton
Occupation: CFO

Age: 36

Location: New York, USA.

Education: Yale University

James Watson
Occupation: CTO

Age: 41

Location: New York, USA.

Education: Harvard University

Ann Richter
Occupation: HR

Age: 29

Location: New York, USA.

Education: Stanford University

Our team

ZENITH Corporation main advantage is qualified crew, which is able to convert every information about leading companies activities into the cash.

For these tasks, our HR department cooperates with british and worldwide business schools, recruiting only the most successful graduates.

We feel proud, about having a qualified economical graduates from Harvard, Stanford and Wharton Business School(USA), London and Judge Business School (GB), Insead Business School (Singapore), Menlo College and Northeastern University as a members of our team.

Experience of applying theoretical knowledge on practice, allows our team-leads to train the talents of our newbie traders, and to help them to join our large and friendly family of ZENITH Corporation.

Clue of our management success is in the proper division of powers, which do not depend on the current position. Head-traders can switch their position with any member of the crew, if it will be required to complete the project. Such method is used quite seldom, and that’s why it is unique: every team member can replace his\her colleague, to deal with his tasks in time. This is not taught in business schools, but these knowledge are to be revealed in the every member of ZENITH Corporation team.