Questions & answers

General questions
Can I earn with ZENITH without a deposit?

Yes you can earn up to 5% of deposit of your partner

Is activity of ZENITH legitimate?

Yes our company is legitimate. You can check our official documents at "About us" page.

What I need to do if I have forgotten my password?

You should to reset your pass on login page.

Can I deposit my referal accruals?

Yes you can Invest any funds on your account.

Can I use more than one account?

No. It is prohibited. 

How to invite a friend?

You can invite your friends by your partner link. You can find a link in your cabinet.

How to start working with ZENITH TRADING CORP LTD?

To become an our investor you should to register at our site and recharge your balance in your cabinet.

Which payment systems can I use to invest with ZENITH?

You can use Perfect Money, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Payeer

When I can withdraw earnings?

Accruals comes every 24 hours after your deposit. You can withdraw it every day.

How much time does system need to process withdrawal?

Withdrawals are instant after you order it.

Does ZENITH charge any commissions?

No, ZENITH doesn't charge any commissions.

How much I can earn with ZENITH?

Our investment plan has variable interest from 1.75% to 5.0% daily. Amount of interest depends on successfulity of our brokers.

What is Bitcoin price in ZENITH?

Internal Bitcoin price is 500USD. And minimal sum of investment is 0.03BTC. But you will receieve accruals only in BTC.

What is a minimal withdrawal limit?

No ZENITH does not have minimal withdrawal amount.

Technical questions
How long does the recharge?

In Perfect Money AdvCash Payeer recharge are instant. In bitcoin: after 4 confirmations in Bitcoin network.

What about security of zenithcorporation.com?

Our site is situated on dedicated server and protected by Ddos Guard. Additionally we have EV SSL data encryption from GeoTrust.

Where I can see my inviter?

All partner info is situated in "partners" page in your cabinet.

How can I edit my account info?

You can edit this information in "Settings" page of your backoffice.

How much time need to activate Bitcoin deposit?

Deposits in Bitcoin activates after 4 confirmations in Bitcoin network.