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Creation history

ZENITH Corporation has been settled at the beginning of the 2016 by CEO William Burns, when different tendencies in trading were created. Only few were ready to the cunning, and sometimes unpredictable changes in politics and economics, and as the result a lot of companies lost a lot of money.

In the first few month of activity, a team of leading specialists was formed, and they was announced to lead following departments:

1. Real Estates. This department is one of the largest in ZENITH Corporation, and it brings nearly 10% of total income. This department success is provided by the smart choice of investment markets:

-Building of commercial and residential estates investments.

-Retailing of commercial estates stocks in the largest office building, malls, etc.

-Reconstruction and updating of the estates due to the new requirements.

2. Electronics and robotics. This department has been leaded by one of the co-founders of the ZENITH Corporation, but later the division of powers decisions have been made, and as the result, today, department is split into two parts.

Investment into the electronics and robotics is made by one of the biggest group of experts, which directs 15% of company’s investments.

They are permanently following the movements of largest worldwide companies: Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Sony, Samsung – to catch the proper time to buy stocks, and to retail them later.

3.Internet and social networks - is one of the most perspective direction in ZENITH Corporation activity, and it has been planned is one of the initial, while creating ZENITH Corporation. Expert’s responsibility and smart stock exchange of the companies like Google, Santander, Cisco, Uber, Facebook, AirBNB, and number of others brings us 1% daily, and more than 360% annually.

Due to the high dynamics in this branch, we’ve made the decision to limit the investments in this sphere to 10% of company funds. This allows us to minimize risks, which can appear due to the user’s preferences.

4. Motor industry. This department, lead by on of the 4 head-traders is aimed on cars, boats, planes, and special vehicles production. Such vehicles are required, and this development is considered to be one of the most stable in the ZENITH Corporation portfolio.

Way too risky, but nevertheless interesting branches of the ZENITH Corporation are natural resource markets(Oil, gas, metals), currency markets(Forex). This direction are developing since the summer of 2016, after the company has returned initial investments, and started to bring pure income to our investors.

ZENITH Corporation team is splited into 4 direction, which are lead by the head traders, and it is permanently increasing, as far as we are analyzing more and more information about large companies activities every day. This is natural process, and it shows, that ZENITH Corporation – one of the best traders of our days.


XXI century – is century of unlimited possibilities, and anyone is willing to reach success today. But only few, can became a leader.

British company ZENITH Corporation acts on an international market of high-percentage investments, and we are investing funds into the most perspective branches: real estates, currency exchange, entertainment, advertising and media business.

Our main investment directions chosen by the experts are:

- Stock trading of leading companies: Apple, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Santander, IBM, Intel, Google, Uber, Cisco.

-Hi-Tech real estates(“Smart House” technology being applied in Japan, Germany, USA).

-Crypto-currency trading.

-Alternative energy(Wind and Solar power plants are already able to supply more than 51% of energy in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Russia).

- Entertainment industry

Previously mentioned strategy of maximizing income with minimizing risks creates a new conditions and rules in investing process, that’s why we only invest not more than 5% of funds, into the one project.

Though, some events can provide projects with more investments, which will surely bring more income. In 2016 the Pokemon Go became such an event.

Augmented reality game Pokemon Go boosted the mobile apps market, bringing the investors enormous income.

First week after official release in July of 2016, Niantic stocks(developers) raised more than 78% of price, and the developers earned more than $14 millions. Even today, almost 6 month later, developer’s daily income can be evaluated in millions of dollars.

Nevertheless, ZENITH Corporation experts decided to use any possibility out of this investing direction, and besides stock purchasing, they have initiated game’s inner world development. These events, multiplied on the retailing of stocks linked with Pokemon Go, brought our investors more than 465% of pure income in first month, and ~175% later. When the winter came, amount of outside freetime activities fans decreased, but nevertheless our traders are still investing funds into the development, so in spring, when new locations will be released – more income will be received.

Effective investments cannot be imagined without proper platforms usage, that’s why ZENITH Corporation’s specialists are applying only those instruments, which will improve the productivity.

All traders are experts in usage of such a powerful platforms like: Trading Solutions, Omni Trader, MetaStock, Dynamic Trader. ZENITH Corporation developers are working in a team with traders, and they are able to apply the changes required by the trading team, to decrease waste of time on the optimal investment development, tendencies movement and economical forecasts graphic building.

Such powerful tandem allows us to reach our major goal – to get an income from every dollar invested by our clients.

So, in this way, result of strategy being multiplied on trading experience of ZENITH Corporation team brings our clients stable income.

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